Folk Artisans



Vincas Svirskis (1835-1916), folk sculptor, born in Glitenai, county of Panevezys, on Jan. 28, 1835. His entire life was devoted to carving monumental crosses. He traveled from village to village and practiced his art with simple and crude tools, creating a distinctive style of cross. In his earlier years, the figures of saints carved on the vertical beam of the cross had noticeable Gothic features, whereas later these showed an influence of the Baroque style. He worked only on oak, preferring thick, branchy trunks. The figures are distributed in various ways, occasionally taking up only one side, but more often occurring on two, three or even four sides. All together he carved out over two hundred crosses.

Prepared by “Encyclopedia Lituanica”. II. Boston, 1972. P. 347-348.

Photo by Danute Mukiene. The fragment of the cross, V. Svirskis.
Kedainiai Museum.

Old lithuanian sculpture, crosses and shrine